Galina Krasskova, grad student and performer, writes of Collegium’s Thursday, November 29 performance:

A trio: vocalists Lisa Holsberg and Andrew Albin, and cellist Meghan Kase

Thursday, November 29th saw the second performance of Fordham’s Medieval and Renaissance music group, the Collegium Musicum Fordhamense, and it was a resounding success. Under the direction of Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek, mezzo-soprano and member of the renowned group Anonymous Four, and Dr. Andrew Albin of our own Medieval Studies department, this Autumn’s performance was titled Flowers of the Trecento and offered a rich program of 14th century Italian music.


Founded in 2017, the Collegium first performed March 8, 2018 at Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus. That performance, titled “Voices of English Praise,” included Latin chants to the Virgin Mary, as well as music by both Thomas Tallis and William Byrd. The Collegium is a unique project founded by both Fordham’s Medieval Studies Department and their Music Department to explore both liturgical and secular music from late antiquity through the early modern period.


Galina Krasskova reads a translation of the Italian text

This semester’s performance, also at Lincoln Center, included (in addition to mezzo Dr. Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek and tenor, Dr. Andrew Albin), sopranos Dr. Karina Hogan (Fordham Theology Dept.), Dr. Lisa Holsberg (Fordham Theology Dept.) who also played the harp, cellist Meghan Kase (MA, Fordham Medieval Studies), flautist and soprano Katherine Kudcey, soprano Madeline Hilf, and tenors Anthony Serrao, Marcus Marrero, and Galina Krasskova. They performed at the Ildiko Butler Gallery at Fordham Lincoln Center to a full house. Concert highlights included several pieces by Francesco Landini including Ecco la primavera, Jacopo da Balogna’s In su be’ fiori  and In verde prato, and Magister Piero’s Con dolce brama.


The full ensemble

The Collegium will be performing again in March as part of the program for Fordham University’s Medieval Studies Conference. It is accepting new members (vocalists and instrumentalists) and undergraduates may participate for credit. Pleas e contact Dr. Andrew Albin ( for more information.

All photos are by Hudson Valley photographer Mary Ann Glass (