Collegium practices one of 5 pieces from My Bestial Half

Monday, November 25th marked one of the final rehearsals for Fordham’s Collegium Musicum as they prepared for their upcoming concert My Bestial Half: A Roman de Fauvel. The vocalists and instrumentalists practiced hard under the leadership of Sian Ricketts, co-director with Tracy Cowart of Collegium, co-founder of Alkemie, and multi-talented vocalist and period woodwind specialist. Under Sian’s direction, the members of Collegium practiced and added final touches to five of the pieces to be performed in their upcoming concert. At the rehearsal, the musicians practiced on period instruments including the harp, recorders, a drum, and even a hurdy gurdy.

Sian Ricketts leads the practice

My BestialHalf: A Roman de Fauvel is the satirical and allegorical tale of a half-man and half dun-colored horse with many failings who wishes to marry Dame Fortune. The performance will weave English and French texts with chants, polytextual motets, solo songs, and duets together to tell the tale. Come Friday, December 6 from 7-8pm to McNally Auditorium at Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus to experience My Bestial Half: A Roman de Fauvel!

Students perform with a hurdy gurdy and hand drum


Collegium is an ensemble “dedicated to exploring and presenting music stemming from the medieval and early modern traditions.”

The performance contains vocal and instrumental solos, here the recorders are practicing their solo

 The ensemble is open to any Fordham undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, administration or community members who are interested in performing and learning about medieval music. 

For more information please send an email to collegium or check out Collegium’s website.